You Can Beat Elden Ring While Overloaded, With No Jumping

    Elden Ring can be tough enough as it is, but it’s even tougher when you pick up too much crap and become overloaded. When this happens, as anyone who has played a Bethesda RPG will know, you go from being a nimble killing machine to a near-immovable lump of stone. It’s supposed to be a temporary effect, designed to get you dumping items and gear.

    But give Elden Ring players an inch and they’ll take a mile, so Iron Pineapple decided to load himself up at the start of the game, wait for the overloaded effect to kick in then see if he could finish the whole thing.

    He could—we wouldn’t be here otherwise—but it’s not the destination that’s important here, it’s the journey, and all the wild and weird shit he had to think up, then execute, in order to complete the game.

    To be overloaded in Elden Ring means you move really slowly. Your stamina regeneration is toast. You can’t run, you can’t roll and you can’t jump. That makes nearly every part of the game much harder, if not borderline impossible. Walking anywhere takes an age, platforming sections require creative workarounds since you can’t jump and boss fights call for total rethinks since you can’t rely on your speed or stamina.

    Best, and saddest of all is the fate of Torrent. For most players a trusty steed throughout the adventure, in this case in an attempt to commit to the overloaded lifestyle he is summoned once. To carry an unnaturally heavy dude over a tiny jump. And is then sent back, never to be called on again.

    You can watch the video of Iron Pineapple’s run below. It goes for 35 minutes, but is worth it; it’s a commentated highlights package, where he goes into detail about all the tricks he came up with to get around all those enormous bosses and tiny ledges.

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