Xbox Game Pass losing five more games soon

    It’s that time again — bid a fond farewell to the latest batch of games set to leave Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks, including Dark Alliance, Limbo, Greedfall, and Darkest Dungeon.

    As well as announcing the next wave of Game Pass additions coming in June, Microsoft has also laid out five games that are for the chop from the service in a few weeks, on June 15th.

    Titles leaving Xbox Game Pass on June 15th

    • Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC)
    • Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (Cloud, Console, and PC)
    • Greedfall (Cloud, Console, and PC)
    • Limbo (Cloud, Console, and PC)
    • Worms Rumble (Cloud, Console, and PC)

    There’s not an easy completion in sight here, with four very involved lists that could take you upwards of 100 hours, then Limbo and its dearly beloved five-deaths-or-less achievement. Still, if you’ve already made a start on any (or are committed to the grind) then you may still be able to work your way through a few more completions before these games bow out of Game Pass. Limbo and Greedfall also have separate Windows stacks.

    All of these games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on June 15th. Planning on working through any of them before they disappear? Let us know!

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