Where to Find All Cypher Wheel Parts Locations

    To get started on Shi No Numa, Call of Duty Vanguard’s first round-based Zombies map, you’ll need to track down the Cypher Wheel Parts.

    Vanguard Zombies has its first round-based map out now and fans are loving their return to Shi No Numa.

    But if you’re taking a trip to the Swamp of Death, first you’ll need to know how the new mechanics work.

    After that, it’s time to get starting finding the Shi No Numa Wonder Weapon, or completing the map’s Main Quest!

    Here’s everything you need to know to find the mysterious Cypher Wheel Parts in Shi No Numa.

    Where to Find All Cypher Wheel Parts in Shi No Numa

    To find all 3 parts of the Cypher Wheel puzzle and get things running in Shi No Numa, here’s where you’ll need to look:

    • In Dormitory, on a table.
    Cypher Wheel Parts Dormitory
    • On a bench in Dig Site, next to a skull.
    Dig Site Cypher Wheel Part Shi No Numa
    • In the corner of Doctor Quarters
    Cypher Part in Doctor's Quarters Shi No Numa

    How to Assemble and Align Cypher Wheel Parts

    • Place all 3 Cypher Wheel Parts on the stone pillar in Doctor’s Quarters Exterior.
    • Initially, this pillar will be covered in a red growth. Wait until a Boom-Scheier round (first begins at round 5) and use their explosions to destroy the nasty substance!
    • You’ll then have the option to turn each wheel, and lock in your code.
    How to Assemble and Align Cypher Wheel Parts
    • To know what code you’ll need to input, first get your hands on a Molotov or Incendiary Grenade.
    • Then, head into the Doctor’s Quarters where you’ll see the following suspicious looking paper on the desk.
    • Throw an Incendiary grenade or Molotov at the paper and a key will be revealed.
    • While the key below is the same across all rounds, the 3 inputs you’ll need are random. We’ve got a guide on how to find each one up next!
    Cypher Part Key

    All Cypher Clue Locations in Shi No Numa

    Dig Site Crafting Table Near Pack-a-Punch

    Shi No Numa Crafting Table Cypher

    Under Books on the Desk in Excavation Room

    Shi No Numa Cypher Part

    Table in Back Room of Comms

    Comm Room Cypher Code

    You’ll need to check the symbols against the key you unveiled and enter them in a vertical line on the Cypher Wheel. Although the code changes each time, you can brute force the lock with just two parts of the code if need be.

    Simply match up your game’s unique code to the wheel and lock in your combination to progress.

    For the next step, you will need the Wonder Weapon. Here’s how to build the Wunderwaffe in Shi No Numa for free!

    Then, check out our Main Quest guide here to continue Shi No Numa’s storyline!

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