PS1 Game Worms World Party Appears to Have Online Multiplayer on PS5, PS4

    Worms World Party PS1 1

    Update #2: It’s been pointed out that the Worms World Party product description has been copied exactly from the Steam version of Worms World Party Remastered, suggesting online multiplayer may not actually be on the cards at all.

    Update #1: If you’re curious what Worms World Party looks like on PS5 and PS4, then here are a bunch of screenshots scraped from the PS Store. Unsurprisingly, given the game’s graphical style, it doesn’t benefit massively from the enhanced hardware. Still, it looks pretty sharp in our opinion.

    Original Story: Worms World Party is one of several PS1 releases that will be enjoying a renaissance as one of All PS Plus Games included with the PS Plus Premium tier. And with the service set to launch in Asia in a matter of days, more details are beginning to emerge about the conversion. As reported earlier, there’ll be a number of graphical filters available for the retro titles, including a classic CRT look, but in the case of Team 17’s party game it also appears there’ll be online multiplayer.

    Here’s what the PS Store description says: “Access the fantastic ‘Wormpot’ which gives you over 1,000 different game styles. All modes are available offline, online, or a mixture of both!” Now it’s unclear whether Sony is potentially referring to a feature like Share Play here, but it seems to be suggesting that full online multiplayer functionality has been added, which is impressive. This kind of support could breathe infinite new life into a number of retro titles.

    We’re obviously still waiting for more information, and will shoot off an email to Sony and Team 17 to try and get clarification, but the description here is pretty clear: online multiplayer appears to be in.

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