LineageOS 19 is already adding support for a bunch more phones

    Get a taste of stock Android 12, even if you don’t have a Pixel

    LineageOS remains one of the best alternate ROMs available these days, and it’s also one with a very long lineage (pun definitely intended). It got its start as CyanogenMod well over a decade ago, before all sorts of drama led to the fork we know today as Lineage. The big new 19 release officially debuted earlier this week, based on Android 12, and if you want to check it out, we have good news for you — the roster of supported LineageOS 19 devices is already expanding.

    Owners of the Xiaomi Poco X3/X3 NFC, the Motorola G100/Edge S, the Nubia Mini 5G, and the original Razer Phone can now enjoy the latest official builds of LineageOS 19 (via XDA). Both the Poco X3 and the Motorola Edge S are still actively supported devices, while the Nubia Mini 5G and the OG Razer Phone are both running outdated software and could definitely benefit from this kind of attention. Additionally, LineageOS 18.1 has picked support back up for the OnePlus 7, opening the door for it to possibly make the journey to 19 in the future.


    The first wave of official 19 support included phones from the likes of Google, Samsung, Motorola, Asus, and OnePlus, and while some devices had to be dropped due to some AOSP networking changes, the roster of LineageOS 19 phones will almost certainly keep growing over the next few weeks and months.

    If you want to give it a go, make sure to unlock your bootloader and then start reading up on the installation process. As with any custom ROM, proceed at your own risk — there’s always the chance of breaking things if you don’t know what you’re doing, nor any guarantee the software you’re installing is bug-free.

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