Arma Reforger Announced For PC And Xbox, Launching Today

    The Arma series is coming to consoles for the first time. As part of a livestream event, developer Bohemia Interactive revealed a new game, Arma Reforger, which acts as a bridge to Arma 4 and is available on Xbox consoles in addition to PC. Yes, “is,” as it’s out today.

    Available on Steam and Xbox Game Preview for $30 (Arma Reforger has not been announced for PS4 or PS5), Reforger is a new entry in the series that is a bridge to the upcoming Arma 4. Arma Reforger is described as a “creative platform” that is meant to showcase what Bohemia’s new Enfusion engine is capable of in terms of gameplay, modding, graphics, and more. Notably, Reforger represents the first Arma game to ever release on console.

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    A scene from Arma Reforger
    A scene from Arma Reforger


    Reforger takes players back to the fictional island of Everon in the 1980s, the same setting and time period of Arma: Cold War Assault, the first game in the series. It’s the same map players remember but now boasting better graphics and new environments and elements such as lakes, ponds, and rivers.

    There are two multiplayer modes, the first of which is Conflict. This is a team-versus-team multiplayer battle where each side tries to capture and hold positions as American or Soviet factions.

    The second mode is Game Master, and it’s a “real-time scenario editor” that allows players to create combat situations for whatever they can think up. It’s meant to highlight what the new Enfusion engine is capable in terms of modding support, which Bohemia says will be a big deal in Arma 4 to come down the road.

    Bohemia is also launching a new in-game platform called Workshop, where players can share their own custom content. From the Workshop, players can find and download mods for Reforger, and this applies to both console and PC. Software called Workbench is also being made available to users on PC, and Bohemia says anyone with a “fair knowledge” of C# scripting can use the software to write custom AI behaviors, as an example, or even brand-new gameplay mechanics if their proficiency with C# is good enough. Workbench also lets players import their art creations for use in the game.

    Reforger launches today, but Bohemia has no plan for when it will hit Version 1.0, only mentioning that it will leave Early Access/Game Preview “once it’s considered complete.” The studio also stressed that work will continue on Reforger even as development on Arma 4 ramps up.

    GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

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