Arknights: Azure’s Module Upgrade Tier List | Arknights Wiki

    Arknights: Azure’s Module Upgrade Tier List | Arknights Wiki

    The Module Upgrade system is a new mechanic that will be introduced during the Lingering Echoes event that allows players to upgrade any available Module they already have to Stages 2 and 3, further improving the stat boosts and modifying the Operator’s Talents. This system is designed to provide Operators with much better tailored boosts, instead of the more generic Trait changes so far, and can result in incredible boosts in viability depending on the Module.

    The materials necessary for these upgrades are Data Supplement Strips for Stage 2 and Data Supplement Devices for Stage 3. These two new materials will be introduced alongside the Stationary Security Service mode, a permanent event that provides these materials in very limited amounts. Other than this new gamemode, these materials are pursachable in certain event stores.

    Due to the scarcity of these new materials (each 6★ Operator requires 60 and 20 of each respectively,  plus more Module Data Blocks) and the high regular material cost of these upgrades (7 Tier 5 Materials and 220k LMD total from Stage 1 to Stage 3), it is incredibly important to be able to prioritize which Module Upgrades to focus on and to discern between which ones are not worth the hassle, which ones are, and up to which Upgrade Level.

    This tier list will focus on the relative strength of the Module Upgrade exclusively. This will not rate the overall viability of the Operators post-module, but instead how strong these Module Upgrades are and how much they boost the Operator’s performance individually. In short, if you already use these Operators often, how prioritary are their Module Upgrades?

    (List updated up to An Obscure Wanderer)

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